Split Foundations

Who Needs a Split Box Spring/Foundation?

Split box springs (or foundations) are made up of two separate box springs, placed side-by-side, and are required for sets being to delivered places where a conventional, 1-piece box spring cannot be delivered. Whereas a mattress can be bent to go around corners, foundations/box springs are rigid. As a consquence, sometimes the layout of a home poses no problem for delivering a mattress, but, the accompanying foundation simply will not fit. This is often the case when a delivery involves going through tight doorways, or, up narrow staircases (especially with turns). All king size mattresses use split box springs. Queen size box springs are available in two style: standard (1-piece), and, split (2-piece) box springs. Split queen box springs are two 30 inch X 80 inch boxes that equal the size of one, standard queen foundation/box spring. If you think that you'll need a split box but are not absolutely certain, you may save yourself time and trouble by ordering a split set at the time of purchase. Please be aware, however, that there is a small upcharge (a small, additional cost) for split sets. 

In rare cases you may even need split full box springs. We offer split, full foundations, too (usually a special order item).

Split boxes are most commonly used in:

You can get a split queen foundation, with a new set, at the time of purchase for a $50 upcharge. Wholesale Mattress Warehouse also stocks queen-size split box sets. Please note that split-full sets are a special order item.